Dr. Myla has re-opened her office with new policies and procedures

  • Appointment slots have been staggered to limit patient interactions

  • Patients must pass Ontario's COVID-19 SCREENING to book an appointment

  • Patients are asked to wait out side until their appointment time (and to come alone if possible)

  • Patients must wear a face mask to their appointment (a face mask will be provided to those who arrive without one)

  • Patients must sanitize their hands upon arrival


Thank you for your cooperation!  Let’s continue working together to keep everyone safe.


Movement Lab is a chiropractic and rehab clinic located inside of Motivnation Health and Fitness (Terrace Bay, ON). Dr. Myla Nguyen is a chiropractor from Niagara Falls, who started her practice in Terrace Bay in 2018.  Dr. Myla is passionate about providing excellent patient-centred care and empowering her patients to achieve optimal wellness and performance.


Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm

Sat & Sun by appointment only

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